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Cute Sweaters for your Poodle

Cute Sweaters for Your Poodle

poppy-sweaterPoodles are the cutest dogs breed for pets. They are fancy to keep and more so to dress it up. The poodles a look more Fashionable than the ordinary Dog. Its skillful nature makes it best in the dog’s sports including obedience, agility, Obedience, tracking and herding. It has a desirable squarely built appearance with very dark eyes that have an alert and intelligent expression. They are bred in variety sizes depending with country that includes standard, medium, miniature and toy. Poodles have single layer coat composed of dense, curly fur that sheds minimally. Improve your creativity with clothing your poodle with a sweater. A good sweater for the poodle should lightweight, warm, and easy to wash.

Finding a good sweater

Poodles need have to be kept warm and well insulated in case of winter. A dog is in a position to keep itself curled and warm but at times in extreme temperatures, there is a need to be kept warm. One you consider to have a sweater for your poodle, consider the type of material. Wool is very warm and the best insulating material. Take into account whether the poodle is uncomfortable due to itching.

Fitting the poodle is necessary to avoid it from pulling off the sweater. Get the measurement of your poodle to get the right fit. The dog is measured around the neck, chest and back. A good fit should not hinder the dog from normal movement therefore; it should be snug but not tight.

When buying the poodles’ sweater consider the weight of the dog. Get the sweaters that are easy to put on and take off with ease. Ensure that the dog has the neck movement therefore not too much excess fabric. The last consideration should be the additional parts like zippers, hooks, buttons or tags. The best sweater should not have any thing that a dog chew or swallow. When left for it errands take off the hooks.

Types of poodle sweater

Pup crew red cable

It gives it a timeless charm with a cozy fall look. The sweater features with a turtleneck with two decorative buttons at the neck. You can give you poodle a transformation look and keep it warm.

886440384104DWag-a-tude happy pumpkin

You can bet that you dog will be warm in low temperatures with this sweater. It is made of the soft acrylic material that offers your poodle a superior comfort and ease of movement. It has turtleneck style that is easy to stretch for simple dressing. The decorative pumpkin gives a character to your dog and making more fashionable. For best fit, get the girth measurement for your pet, which is done at the largest part of the chest.

Dogs do not really care or style you dress it what matters is the warmth and the comfort. Give it attention when putting on the clothes and have fun when you stay warm. It is fun to dress upyour poodle. Get crocheting and knitting for your poodle and kept it warm and fashionable!

dog clothing

5 Great Online Deals on Dog Clothes

The Fashionable Doggy

Your dog is part of your family. They provide countless hours of entertainment and companionship and they can also be a fashion statement as well. Dressing your little pooch in fashionable clothes is fun and can be beneficial to them during the cold winter months. Doggy fashion use to be expensive and only available at exclusive dog boutiques but not anymore. With it’s popularity on the rise, doggy fashion is exploding online. You can now buy your little pooch virtually anything pertaining to it’s needs and your wants. The best part is, you can get great deals on discounted clothing, sweaters and jackets through several online sources. Below, you will find a list of 5 great online deals for your fashionable doggy.


Great Online Deals For Your Dog

 We all like a good deal and one way that you can find great deals for your dogs clothes and accessories is through, where you can get the best bang for your buck. They also offer free shipping and they have several thousands of products to choose from. They also offer a price protection guarantee which is a nice little extra. Another great place you can find online deals is Most people are familiar with Amazon and the deals you can find for dog apparel are endless. You also get the comfort of knowing that you are buying from a reputable source. Amazon’s reputation proceeds itself in customer service and quality products. There shipping is fast and there deals are amazing. DogDug is another popular place to get discounted fashion for your dog. There sweaters start at 4.06 and there doggy dresses start at 3.99. You also have the option to get wholesale prices if you take the time to register for an account. DogDug has a variety of dresses, sweaters and accessories that are unique and unlike large pet stores, who usually carry generic one size fits all, DogDug accommodates all sizes with variety. offers up to 70% off their dog appareal and gives a first time customer a 10% off coupon code. They also give free shipping on orders over 75.00 as well as a sale rack you can browse through for even better deals. one key feature that has is reviews. It is nice to be able to review what the quality of the product is as well as fit when you are buying for your dog. The last place to get amazing deals online is They have the one dollar sale and offer free shipping on orders over 49.00. They don’t have as big of a selection as the above mentioned but they do offer exceptional deals without compromising fashion for your little pooch.


It’s a Dog’s World

As you can see, It’s not difficult to find great deals online and save some extra cash. Whether it’s a coat or sweater to keep you furry friend warm during the winter months, a fancy dress to go out on the town with mom and dad or a costume for a Halloween party, you can find virtually anything online and the best part is, you can find it for half the price of what the big dog retail stores carry it for. Be a savvy shopper and get your deals online. Your dog will be dressed from head to paw for every event scheduled.